Canoeing down the Dordogne River

Canoeing down the Dordogne River

My husband and myself have never been lovers of anything French because our previous trips to Paris were met with very rude treatment by the locals. We changed our minds once we visited the beautiful regions of Provence and the Dordogne with our kids. Words cannot describe what exists in the south of France but I will try to do it justice at a future date. I promise.
If you have any questions about any places we visited (you can find the towns on the “Travel-International” tab), I am happy to answer any questions.

2 comments on “France

  1. I have had the same experience in France and took my kids to Paris when they were younger. Unfortunately, still not impressed with the Parisians who enjoy looking down those perfectly coiffed noses especially when you have young kids. However, I also had a similar experience after taking the fellas to Megeve in the French Alps where we were treated with all the hospitality and friendliness of long lost relatives. How long were you in France? Were you driving? Great post, thanks.

    • Ah, the Parisians, such a shame really, ruining the experience for so many. Or maybe that is their plan, to prevent the outside world from enjoying the true beauty and hospitality of France? We drove for two weeks from Nice through Provence to the Dordogne, back to Carcassone and then made our way back to Nice. Would love to go back.

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