Washington, D.C. with Kids

Washington D.C.


We have always questioned, when is the “right” time to take our children to the nation’s capitol? When will they take away the most from the experience? Will they be able to enjoy all of the museums and understand the history or will it just be a wasted effort? We did wait until the kids were older, but found we didn’t need to since there is so much for kids to enjoy in D.C. regardless of their age. One of the most attractive things about this city is that many sights are free, so if you kid throws a major tantrum or complains of boredom, you won’t feel guilty leaving and returning later (or saving it for another time).

Washington, D.C. is fairly simple to navigate due to the numerous recognizable monuments located throughout the city. It is very helpful to use them as navigation points if you are ever lost. Most of the Smithsonian museums and major monuments are centrally located along “The Mall” which heads west away from the Capitol Building.  You can walk to the sights, take a tour bus, ride a boat, use the metro, or even borrow a bike. However you get there is up to you, but know that getting there is half the fun. Just be sure to bring your comfortable walking shoes.


10 Things to See and Do in Washington, D.C. with Kids

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