Family Fun at the Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin Fair

Every year, people head to the state fair to experience the rides, have fun as a family, and sample the deep fried food. When I recently read an article about the best state fairs in the country, Wisconsin’s was on the list. I have vivid memories of visiting the Arizona state fair with my parents when I was younger and I wanted my kids to have this experience. My husband was not a big fan when I proposed a trip to the fair, but he begrudgingly agreed to tag along when we visited last week. I think I won him over when I told him there would be Deep Fried Cookie Dough.

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10 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Provence

10 Villages in ProvenceProvence may possibly be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With its rolling fields of lavender, pebbled roads lined with towering plane trees, and picturesque villages, it amazes me it isn’t completely overrun with tourists. Your senses will be on overload from the diversity of scenery, from the azure blue of the Mediterranean to the rust colored hills of Roussillon. It’s easy to understand why artisans have made the pilgrimage to Provence over the centuries to seek inspiration from this landscape. There are many villages, sights, and attractions to see, so here’s a short list of some of the highlights.

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