View of countryside San Gimigniano

View of countryside San Gimignano

We went to Italy for spring break for a whirlwind two week vacation.  We landed in Rome and quickly headed south for the warmer climes of Sorrento, Pompeii, and Capri.  We were actually sweating as we trekked through the ruins in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius.  A day later we headed north on a train bound for Venice.  A few hours later, I looked out the window to see my worst nightmare…snow.  Yes, those pretty white flakes, not so pretty when you are from Chicago, on vacation in Italy.  We arrived in Venice and it was COLD!  We scoured every shop for mittens, scarves and hats, because I did not pack a single item of warm clothing.  Lesson learned.  We experienced acqua alta, (yes, I did bring rain boots for that), then headed to Florence for Easter.  We stayed outside of Florence in Chianti for five days on a wonderful vineyard and goat farm, Corzano e Paterno (highly recommend,  Visited San Gimignano and Volterra before heading back to Rome.  Blog posts can be found under “Italy”.

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