Traveling With Food Allergies – Challenging But Not Impossible


Be Safe when Traveling with Food AllergiesTraveling when your child has allergies can be a scary proposition.  Each restaurant you enter is a potential threat to your child.  When you grab a snack, it is no longer an easy choice, you must carefully scan each label to make sure the product does not contain something that could cause your child to have a reaction.  For those of us who have children with allergies, this is the world we live in.  We can choose to be proactive, or we can stay at home and never leave again.  Believe me, in the beginning, I wanted to choose the latter.  It is a scary world out there for children with allergies, but after many hours of research and multiple discussions with doctors and other parents, I realized it was ok to take my child out into the world and let him taste it.

Here are some things we have learned about how to stay safe on the road when you have a child with food allergies:

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