Best Summer Memories

familyThis blog post will be short and sweet as I have just returned from a two week vacation and am incredibly jet lagged. Please forgive any rambling or misspellings, my brain is only functioning at half capacity.

This summer flew by (as they all do) and I can hardly believe Labor Day is this weekend. Our family enjoyed every bit of the Chicago summer, passing time at over 100 little league games (not joking), visiting the zoo, catching fireflies, celebrating birthdays, eating our way through the state fair, and playing with our puppy. We made the most of our time in the sun.

When we reflect on this summer, I think our best memories will be the time we spent together on our trip to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. There was the meal where we enjoyed the savory, flaky fresh salmon and golden potatoes in Helsinki’s outdoor market and exploring Stockholm’s old town in the early morning hours with my oldest child before the throngs of tourists ruined the city’s charm.  We admired the architecture of Copenhagen from the unique perspective of a canal cruise boat, but I think the most memorable moment was the magical rainbow in the Norwegian fjords that seemed to shine only for us.

Norway rainbow

All of the times we shared were special because we were together as a family. We have found it is so important to step back from the break neck speed of daily life and find a way to reconnect as a family. As we head into fall, we look forward to taking the time to make many more memories.

What was your favorite summer memory? I would love to hear about it!


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