25 Easy to Pack Travel Snacks

alpha-2In our family, there is meal time, and there is snack time, and it often feels more importance is given to the latter. We have found that nothing satisfies a child (or adult) on the verge of a meltdown more than a quality snack. Here are some of our favorite choices for snacks on the go. Some of these work best if you have a cooler and don’t have to deal with TSA, others work well with any mode of transportation. Hopefully, even the pickiest of eaters and most food allergy sufferers will find something to satisfy them on this list.

Easy to Pack Travel Snacks

1.  Frozen grapes

2.  Cheese sticks (aka string cheese)

3.  Pretzels (Pretzel Crisps are our favorite, love the variety!)

4.  Vanilla wafers

5.  Pita chips and hummus

6.  Beef jerky

7.  Carrots

8.  Drinkable yogurt or chocolate milk

9.  Dried fruit – cranberries, apricots, bananas, apples, or raisins (but not the yogurt covered kind, they melt in little hands)

10. An apple

11. Sunflower seeds (shelled), pumpkin seeds, almonds, or nuts (if no allergies)

12. Granola bar

13. Squeezable fruit pouches

14. Frozen yogurt in a tube

15. Animal crackers

16. Terra vegetable chips

17. Sugar snap peas

18. Graham crackers

19. Bagel thins with your favorite nut butter or cream cheese (Our son has a peanut/tree nut allergy, so we travel with these all the time. They come in very handy if they need to be used as a meal replacement).

20. Your favorite dry cereal

21. Rice cakes

22. Veggie Straws

23. Fruit leather

24. Pirate’s Booty Cheddar Puffs (I prefer this to popcorn, because it’s not as messy)

25. Your favorite crackers

Always bring hand wipes to clean hands before and after and in case of spills. Did I miss anything? What’s your favorite travel snack?

5 comments on “25 Easy to Pack Travel Snacks

  1. I love these ideas; wish I had them on our 15 hour drive to Illinois a few weeks ago. We actually did use the frozen grapes idea. It worked out great because they kept the cooler nice and cold and were pretty tasty later on in the trip 🙂

  2. Love these ideas; wish I had them for our 15 hours drive to Illinois a few weeks ago! We actually used the frozen grapes idea and it worked out really well. They kept the cooler…well…cool, then served as an tasty snack later in the trip. I’ll have to tuck these ideas away for our next adventure!

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